Item lists

Kendov: Blue Dragon, sparks for casting. Level 6 sorcerer/cleric.

In water over waist = grounded. Others get advantage on saves.

Subtle Flail +1 (This Flail looks like a flute/recorder, but on pressing a button on its handle it turns into a flail 2d4 +1. It also functions as a flute/recorder.)

Moon silver staff +2 (This weapon is made of Moon Silver. A special substance that helps you fight creatures of dust. It negates their damage reduction.)

Boots of surging speed (Gain 30ft of speed 1/day)

Mechanical Wings (Allows horizontal movement when under the influence of a Levitate Spell. The wearer can move 10ft per round)

Amulet of resolution (Gain Advantage on saves against fear)
1x pistol
3 potions
Chainmail armor

Slick: The Created. Level 6 rogue (assassin archetype) (evil Indiana Jones)

Change Shape 3/day
1 charge: Turn liquid and move 30ft
1 charge: limbs become a weapon.
1 charge: limb returns to normal.
1 charge: can store a weapon in his body.
1 charge: can change shape, does not change his clothing.

2x Pistols with dagger bayonets

Augmented arm that shoots a geyser of water (an arm that has a decanter of Endless Water affixed to it.)

Dagger Whip of Entangling (1d6 +1 but targets cannot be adjacent to you to attack them with the dagger on the whip. If you hold one end of the whip and use an action to speak its command word, the other end darts forward to entangle a creature you can see within 10 feet of you. The target must succeed on a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or become restrained. You can release the creature by using a bonus action to speak a second command word. A target restrained by the whip can use an action to make a DC 15 Strength or Dexterity check (target’s choice). On a success, the creature is no longer restrained by the whip. The whip has AC 20 and 20 hit points. It regains 1 hit point every 5 minutes as long as it has at least 1 hit point. If the whip drops to 0 hit points, it is destroyed.)

3 potions
Leather armor
Lockbust chalk (breaks one lock)
Tanglefoot Bag (see rules)
Spider bolt (Tanglefoot bag that can be shot out of a gun)
Ghost Bridle (the animal wearing this leaves no tracks.)

Althaea: Moon Elf. Level 6 Ranger (Hunter/beastmaster?)

Gets a cantrip
Extra language
perception skill
fey ancestry
Phase step 1/day

Sniper rifle “+2” (2d8 2 with a range of 600ft at no penelty)
Leather armor
Necklace of Keys (
5 to open lock checks. 1/day teleport 10ft as a minor action.)
2x pistols

Look at the Treasure Trove.

Healing Sash: Heal 3d4 hitpoints 1/day

Blessed Book: This spellbook has the dimensions and weight of a standard spell book but holds 1000 pages.

Lunia’s Bracelet: This allows you to treat all weapons (including ammo for ranged weapons) as Moon Silver. In addition, 1/day on a successful attack you can force a creature to revert to its natural form if it is not. It cannot change shape for 1 minute.

Shield of Silver Light: The shield shines light around it in a 30 foot sphere. You and your allies can treat your weapons as Moon Silver.

Beastbane: Consumable. A smoke bomb that makes all able bodied animals leave the vicinity if possible because of the smell.

Alchemical Silver: Consumable. You can place this on one weapon, 20 bullets, or 5 daggers. It makes it Moon Silver for a day.

Feyslaughter sword: Longsword “+1” that is an Elfbane weapon, meaning an additional 2d6 damage to elves.

Point Blank Weapon: Changing to Blunderbuss. This weapon hits all targets in a 10ft arc much life flaming hands. It does 1d6 +1 damage. It can only be fires once per round.

Messanger stones: lets you communicate at a distance. Lets Kendov know where the person is.

Dagger of zombification: if the dagger kills someone, they turn into a zombie under control of the last person to touch the dagger.

Item lists

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