•Five rituals (One is higher) Tome of Lightning, Comprehend Languages, Endure Elements, Water Walk, and a book that refuses to open.
10 other books Two of which go to the librarian.
•One is a mythological bestiary (Dragonflies, Cyclops, giants, revenants [undead], a giant snake, mythical cities, a city of moving statues, giant scorpions, hidden rivers, eternal springs, trees that never die, etc)
•One is about an ancient cult
•One is a book on Desert Spirits (Djinn, Genies, small nature spirits, guides, etc)
•One is a book on the history of the Shade invasion.
•The librarian’s 2 books are about an ancient priesthood/cult that was around in the time of Ja-Room called the Luminaries. They show a lot of depictions of hands and lights. They see these as symbols of enlightenment. They believed Ja-Room possessed knowledge that would save the world and that he would teach them these secrets and they would spread it to the worthy.
•A manual on healing practices and folklore. Many of the ingredients make no sense though.

•3 of the books are on Ja-Room and his kingdom. Here they learn about his 3 generals, his daughter, his rise to power and his final battles.

oJa-Room rose to power after having what he called a “revelation”. He claimed to have seen the World Snake, and that it had given him the command and the power to create a kingdom that would oppose a future destruction of the world. What started out as a small movement of religious fanatics soon became a brutal and bloody war. At the height of his power Ja-Room controlled all of Rinn and five of its neighbors. He did this by employing a type of magic no one had seen before. It combined elemental magics, necromancy, and the divine. He taught some parts of these magics to his closest followers who later became his generals.

oEach general was a powerful mage and had a specialty of magic. Sand, Creation, Undead. Ja-Room seemed to control the elements. Each held a corner or his kingdom, Eleesium held the North.

oJa-Room was betrayed by one or more of his generals. No one is sure why for certain.

oThe final battles with Ja-Room and Eleesium were in different places, and both involved great explosions, the collapse of a city, and the destruction of most living things in the area.
oBecause of the infighting, a small neighbor decided to invade to have access to the sea. This invader became the current kingdom of Rinn.

o300 years ago, a major civil war occurred, the rallying figure was a man who claimed to be a descendant of Ja-Room. He was able to grab power because of dissatisfaction that Rinn was trying to start a war with it’s neighbor to the north the Tithary Confederacy. That is where the books end.


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