The Story Begins Again…

Cast of minautars: Silt, Dust, Diamond, Ash, Corpolite, Fleck. Only Silt and Ash can speak.
They are sitting outside the ruins of Turnbridge as dawn is breaking. They have two badly damaged stolen military scout sand skimmers (120hp damage total) 6 nearly dead minotaurs (Avg of 25hp each left out of 75hp) There is a giant crater with the remains of General Pius laying in it. His last words were telling them the other generals had risen. Behind them a weary and wary Shade army will start to regroup and realize two things. The attacks have stopped, and two sand skimmers are missing.

Silt insists on taking them to the library where a message left by Lorn awaits.

More House Rules

I have added 5 new house rules in the wiki section. They deal with reputation, prison, combat and character goals. These were needed due to your elicit activities and to encourage roleplay. Check them out, and let me know any thoughts.

The Story Begins…

Currently you are traveling through the western part of the country known as Rinn. It is one of many countries on the continent but holds a special distinction. It was at war 20 years ago, and has become subject to a powerful country from across the sea. The newcomers, from Shadeed, have inventions that allow them to harness steam power, augment human bodies with mechanical parts, and even create flying machines. The Shades, as they are known, hold most positions of power and look at the native people with disdain. Local customs, beliefs, and magics are strictly controlled. Powerful magic was unknown in their lands, and it is a known goal of the Shades to meld magic and technology to create ever more powerful weapons and continue their march of imperialism. Magic is far more powerful than steam and would be the ultimate power source for their machines.

You find yourself trekking across a desert as part of a caravan, sand dunes stretching as far as the eye can see and the heat is like a hammer blow. The caravan consists of 23 other souls, their baggage crammed into packs and camels to haul those packs. The reasons people are part of this caravan vary. Some are finding a new home, others are hoping to find a better life, while still others are running from the life they left behind. The caravan master, a merchant by the name of Rom Abar, doesn’t ask questions. He knows more people provide safety in the harsh land where survival is often obtained by force. The stretch of desert you are in is only four days travel between towns and is not the deepest or harshest.

Desert Winds

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