TurnBridge: Positioned at the juncture of two rivers, it is the furthest the Shades have developed a rail line to. It is home to many wealthy and entrepreneurial minded folk. It is also where you find a less harsh commingling of peoples. The Station is where the Shades have some warships placed and where the train line ends. It is huge and very in Shade style.

The rest of the city is mostly Sand Race (One of several terms the Shades have for the natives. Including Dredges, Barbarians, Sand Fleas, and Scum.) construction.

The city on the edge of the desert that General Pius eventually destroyed.

  1. The Consortium: Seller of fine clothing
  2. The Black Briar: One-Legged Pete’s hangout and where the librarian was murdered.
  3. The Cracked Nut: Run by Ralph, the toothless innkeeper. He treated them well.


Morbridge: 2 weeks South of Lightford along the river.

Stony Pass: 5 weeks ride (2 weeks by train) NorthEast of Lightford

Shepard: 1 week ride (3 days train) North of Lightford. Little more than a poor desert town, it does have a sturdy wall around the older section near the river and harbors a lively black market.

  1. The Baboon & Goat: Run by Traipse McKenzy a bold dwarven woman who likes to do some trading in magic as well for when she builds things.
  2. The Murkin: A laundry and dying shop run by Idora, an ancient female dragonborn criminal who deals in magic items.

Sinking Sands: Where Samuel Clemmons lives


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