House Rules

Fame and Infamy

Infamous and Famous points given based on actions.
Difficulty is between 1-5 points
Public vs private is between 0-5 points

Points can be used on social interactions. Either to intimidate, coerce or bluff.
For example, robbing the library was difficulty 1 but public 3. So all of you earned 4 infamy points.


Prison takes a toll on characters. When in prison you will lose a skill point in a random skill. More skill loss is possible for very extended prison terms. You could also pay a fine of 500gp instead.


Players do +2 damage on a charge. (This may be a temp rule change)

Basic attacks

On a basic attack and at-will powers, if you describe a cool move you get +1d6 chance to hit.

Player Goals

Rewards will be given for achieving character goals. Talk with me about said goals and we will work to define reward vs goal. The reward can be monetary or something else appropriate.


  1. All spells except spells with descriptions the explicitly say they use a shout or a verbal component can be cast quietly.
  2. All spells give some obvious visual clue that it is a spell.
  3. Rituals do take verbal and somatic actions.

Special Abilities

  • Slick can use his ShapeChange ability to have up to three weapons hidden in his body. Once he removes them though, he looks all fucked up till he uses shapechange again.
  • You choose what you teleport with, including your gear, etc. If you are touching it, you choose if it teleports with you. On items possessed and in control of another creature, the teleporter has to beat their Will Defense, otherwise the teleport fails and is expended.

House Rules

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